Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a Wednesday thought.

It’s a beautiful afternoon, the sunlight and the fall breeze are dancing through the open windows.

This is what my day has looked like:

Extra hour of sleep, thanks husband. Gingerbread creamer in the coffee, finally the fall/holiday creamers are in the store (pumpkin was sold out.  Way to be prepared worthless store that starts with a W. Regardless, delicious coffee, some Sesame Street, Clifford, Word World, you know, the usual.  A little Donald Miller reading. Some chasing a practically perfect almost one year old around the room as he squeals in delight.  his favorite game.

also, it included a little of this: paid some bills, laundry, dusting, a splash of Windex here and there, vacuum meets carpet, organizing, cleaning, sanitizing, folding, and sorting.

but, then I ate left-over sloppy joes for lunch, and of course, I  put lots of  yummy, crispy, potato chips inside.  (homemade turkey sloppy joes, not from a can.)

So all that to say growing up is inevitable but as long as we can eat sloppy joes filled with potato chips and enjoy every last bite you never really have to grow up all the way

and that is ok with me


  1. i LOVE it! (sloppy joes with potato chips & to not growing up) good thoughts.

  2. I love that you find so much joy in your life every day and I know all about the W store. They always say "it's on the truck" but my next trip to town is 2 weeks away.


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