Thursday, October 22, 2009

To the greatest artist of all

Thank you for splattering bright and brilliant stars across the sky each night, for the sparkles and streaks that canvas the deep blue expanse. 

Thank you for showering us with your musical display of rhythm, light, and color as they dance across the sky, expressing your power and love.

I like to think that each night as darkness approaches you delight in wowing us time and time again with your most incredible, inspiring, and spectacular creativity.

I like to think that you paint the sky with swirling, bouncing, and dancing paint brushes bursting with mesmerizing light.

I like to think that you do this hoping that we might take a moment to delight in you, in your creation, and the wonder of your beauty. 

I like to think that each and every night we could find traces and evidence that you are near, if we weren’t so distracted and stuck in our tiny, small lives.

I like to think, that even when we don’t, you continue to paint the sky with shimmering stars and radiant colors because you delight in beauty, beauty that you created.

You are the greatest artist of all.

You are beautiful.


By day, the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me. Psalm 42:8

P.S.  Safely in Alaska.  Saw the Northern Lights.

(Also: Psalm 36:5, 34:5, 37:6,7, 46:10, 63:1-4, 65:5-8)


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