Monday, October 19, 2009

Mary Poppins

A great weekend was had by all in our home.
Someone had a first birthday party.
We watched lots of football, including the massacre that was the Titans/Patriots game.  Oh, Titans, what happened to you?
And I received a lovely and most thoughtful gift.
I mean, she is my hero.  I adore Mary Poppins, I mean Julie Andrews.  She’s just everything that is lovely, graceful, and beautiful in the world.  So, I was thrilled to receive this gift.  I can’t wait to start reading it, but I have to finish the new Donald Miller first, because someone (the husband) is waiting patiently to read it and I’m taking too long.
Julie Andrews, you are lovely.   Thanks for being you.

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  1. Oh, how the mighty Titans have fallen. It's really quite sad.

    And yay for Julie getting a blog! :) This puts me in the mood to watch The Sound of Music, or perhaps to listen to the original cast album of My Fair Lady, or R&H's Cinderella. Or all of the above, perhaps that is the better plan? :)

    BTW, I have to tell you I think this is an excellent piece of book photography.


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