Sunday, October 4, 2009

because there is no such thing as forever 21.

I went shopping recently, not to buy, to look.

This shopping or rather looking trip brought me to one strong conclusion... At some point in my life, I have grown too old and terrified of the junior's section and yet I am nowhere near ready to even think about wearing anything coming out of the misses or women's section. I mean, I am a Mrs. but not ready for the "Misses."  So, what's a girl supposed to do? And secondly, I found myself completely bored by the lack of style and originality that I found in most of the major clothing stores. So, again, I ask, what's a girl to do?

  • I don't wear animal prints.
  • I do don't the eighties apparel so much.
  • I'm also not into the sparkling/leathery skin tight, LA glam thing.
  • I've been out of college for a while, so I don't really want to dress like a college student anymore.
  • I don't do neon.
  • I'm not a hippy.
  • I not really a jeans & tee-shirt girl.
and finally...
  • I must come to the realization that the whole idea of 21 forever is a myth.  (I'm just not feeling about 90% of it these days, is that because I'm 25?)
Alas, what is a girl to do?

If only my budget was better friends with the stores that ended in "pologie" and "rban outfitters."

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  1. Liv, I just have to tell you - the Anthropologie store in NYC BLEW ME AWAY.


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