Friday, October 9, 2009

burrito pizza?

Ok, let’s just get this out of the way.  I LOVED The Office Wedding.  It was crazy, absurd, slightly inappropriate, sweet, funny, and ever-so-romantic.  All reasons why the show is brilliant.

Jim and Pam are the cutest, just the cutest.


We made homemade pizza, we have it often, but this was no ordinary pizza, it was amazingly and surprisingly delicious.  I’m not sure exactly what to call it, but it had refried beans, corn, and salsa…  It tasted like burritos.  Ah ha, burrito pizza.


Here’s the scoop:

  1. Homemade pizza dough
  2. Salsa (spread over crust, replaced pizza sauce)
  3. Homemade refried beans spread over salsa
  4. Onions
  5. Fresh jalapeno slices
  6. Corn
  7. Salt, Pepper, Chili Pepper, Oregano
  8. All topped with taco shredded cheese.

We add a few dollops of sour cream to our plates and enjoyed every bite.  I must admit, I was nervous that it wouldn’t be that good, but we are still talking about it today and plan on making it again.

Next time we’re going to try chicken enchilada pizza. (enchilada sauce, chicken, onions, jalapenos, and cheese)  It’s going to be amazing.

What crazy concoctions have you made?

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  1. Wow, sounds really good. I'd never have thought of it but it's brillant.


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