Monday, October 5, 2009

fingers paint your way to dreams.

Last week, I indulged in a bit of sheer joy, finger painting.  I am convinced there is no remedy for a lack of inspiration like finger painting.  Your hands are covered with paints of all colors, and you just make something.  You’ve never sure exactly what it is until just the right moment, you observe and say, "that’s it.”  Even if you only see one big mess, I promise you’ll feel better.
I had an excerpt that I wanted to add from one of my favorite books, Wide Awake, that I needed to see everyday, over and over again.  An encouragement, a reminder of who I am, and a declaration of my intentions to the world.
Here’s the formula for this perfect brief moment of expression:  candle + coffee + music + sleeping baby + art supplies everywhere. 
      Here’s the quote:
Others need to see to believe.  You see because you believe.  If only the rest of the world could see what you see—it would change everything.  They would understand that you are not simply a hopeless romantic.  While some dream to escape life; you dream to live.  You see a life, a world, a future, so beautiful it takes your breath away.  You must pursue this dream.  It is what makes you feel alive.  If must become reality.  You’re not closing your eyes to the real world, you’re just dreaming with your eyes open.
-Wide Awake, Erwin McManus.
Ready.  Set. Finished.

Hello, daily inspiration. Now, go get messy and finger paint.


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