Friday, January 21, 2011

baby growing diaries #16

Due date.
What a joke that is.  Everyone knows that the due date is just the middle of  38-42 weeks, right.  So, while it gives you an idea of when you might have a baby, it also brings false hope to the still pregnant mamas and all the adoring fans of baby.  People should put less stock in those pesky little due dates.  Stop giving them credit they don’t deserve. 
However, this morning I had my 40 week check-up, and a tiny little breakfast date with the husband (hooray) and for the love of all that is sane and holy, I got out of the house, glory. glory. glory… even if with the wind-chill it was –(insert ungodly number) degrees out there.
(Still no car here, but my mom came to the rescue for the appointment.)
Back to the story, my appointment was good, minus that number I saw on the scale.  Unfortunately, the husband says that he’s pretty sure I still wouldn’t get picked to be on the biggest loser, I beg to differ. Whatev.  Well, things are progressing in the whole body-getting-ready-department and I can live with that.  So, spirits are good today, still increasingly uncomfortable and currently movements are all rather penguin-esque, but the end is near, and not in a doom & gloom sort of way, more like, a light at the end of the tunnel.
Also, here are three things that are making my day:
  1. H has started saying, baby, and it’s just about the most ridiculously precious thing we’ve ever heard.  Heart melting precious.
  2. This darling birth announcement.  I‘m in love.  Except, I already have plans.
  3. Most of all, ask me if I’ve had my baby yet, go ahead, ask….  ASK… and then you shall find your answer here.
40 weeks today.


  1. i love the name Harper.

    so soon! i'll be thinking of you and watching twitter! =) the baby fever here is IMMENSE, so will love hearing of your fresh, new life! SOON! =)

  2. I had my baby 2 days overdue. No biggie right? Well, for the last 2 weeks everyone and their dog called to ask if we had her already. And I had to remind them, no its not even due date yet! My mom once called 20 times in the space of 1 hour because I did not pick up the phone. Needless to say, I turned the volume off to sleep and had to turn the phone off completely just to get some peace.
    I'm sure everything will be well with you. Congrat for making it with your humour intact! :)

  3. that birth announcement is awesome. seriously brilliant! love it so much.

    waiting, waiting. i remember going crazy right about this time. i would get SO mad at people for calling/asking/facebooking to ask if i'd had him yet, as if i'd respond

    "oh, why yes, i did have him 4 days ago. it simply slipped my mind to mention it!"

    thinking of you lots and praying the birth goes smoothly. can't wait for hudson to become a big bro!


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