Monday, January 10, 2011

the boppy cover

So much for a weekend project, this was finished during H’s Friday afternoon “nap.” Some days he actually sleeps, others he plays quietly in his room.  Either way, it works for us and he’s not crawling all over me, interested in the sewing machine and scissors.. you know, totally toddler appropriate toys.
I was intimidated by the boppy cover for the sole reason that most tutorials I found used a zipper.  I understood the value of being able to unzip and throw it in the washer, because we all know where there is baby, there is a mess, but I had never sewn a zipper on anything.  I was a tiny bit nervous.
Naturally, I found that once I decided to be smarter than the sewing machine/zipper duo, it wasn’t any harder than sewing two pieces of fabric together.  Do you ever do that?  Think something is so hard that you hesitate and put it off and then once you finally set your mind to it, it’s not nearly as difficult as you imagined? Now, I’m all what needs a zipper? Zippers for everyone!
Anyways, I followed this tutorial.  It was very helpful and easy to use.  It suggests that you trace the boppy and add 1 inch for seam allowances, make sure you do this, because once it’s pieced together, it can be really, really snug.  I mean, you want it to be snug, but not so much that stuffing the pillow into the cover is harder than the entire sewing project.  I added the 1 inch allowance, but when I make another cover, because I will, I might even add just a bit more.
I used these two fabrics: Fans in Sprout and Starling in Pink. Originally, I was only going to use Fans for both sides, but I love the fabric so much that the idea of having more left over was too enticing.  I adore how it turned out, totally unique and unlike anything prepackaged in store.  When I make my next cover, I might use a minky or a soft jersey for one side, something with a bit of stretch… and probably something grey, you know I can’t help myself.
If you’re looking for a boppy cover and you’re not a fan of what the stores are offering OR because the cute covers can cost as much as the boppy themselves, I definitely recommend making your own.  Let me know if you do or have, I’d love to see pictures.
Hmm, now all we need is that baby…


  1. thanks for the tutorial and advice, I'm itching to make some baby girl stuff very soon.

  2. Liv, it looks so cute! I have yet to master creating a buttonhole. Eek. Zipper is far beyond me, but I admire your fortitude.

    Fans in Sprout is the perfect fabric for the coming baby girl. Can't wait until she arrives! :)

  3. it's adorable, great job! now, have that baby already! ;)

  4. It looks wonderful! I'd be intimidated by the zipper, but you did an amazing job!


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