Monday, January 31, 2011

one week.

Much of the last week of my life has been spent like this and I have no complaints.  I can’t believe she’s finally here.  Of course, she’s even better than I imagined.  Some moments I look around at my little family of four and I become lost in the richness and blessing of this life.
We first laid eyes on her last Monday evening after what I consider to be a great c-section experience.  Unlike, everything leading up to the decision to have another c-section, it went smoothly and I even talked to the nurses and staff throughout the whole thing.  It sure didn’t feel like we were in surgery, but surrounded by a great group of kind people who were taking care of my and my baby.  Prior to confirming our decision to go that direction, the details were frustrating and nothing seemed to be going the way we thought it might.  I believe that everything played out this way for a reason and when that undeniable peace came, I knew everything would be fine.
And when Matt held up his hands through the glass to announce her weight of 10 pounds 3 oz, I knew we made the right decision all over again.
Within minutes of leaving the operating room, Matt and h joined me in our room and we were never separated again.  I really appreciated the way the staff placed importance on you being with your baby and working to accommodate that rather than the opposite.  With H, it was almost three hours before they brought him to my room and there was absolutely nothing wrong with him, I hated that.  But this experience, minus one major disagreement with a nurse who lives and breathes the American Pediatric Association laws, we were surrounded by kind, friendly, and helpful individuals during our entire stay.
And here we are a week later, my little lady is snuggled up on my chest, which is her absolute favorite spot to be.  I’m in love.  She’s beautiful and healthy and melting our hearts daily.  She is a great sleeper, at night I often have to wake her for feedings, I hope hope hope this is a sign of things to come.  She’s content and peaceful, except when she’s hungry (kind of like mommy).  Her brother is warming up to her more and more each day and it’s so fun to see him interact with her.  She is his baby, “bebe,” and he’s so  interested in her, while still unsure.  I would say he’s handling the change decently well, minus some acting out here and there.  And in this past week, he seems so grown up, I’m at a lost for words, wondering where my little baby boy went.  I tell him many times a day that he’s my baby too and even though he’s a big boy now, that will never change.
The actual physical recovery has been harder due to the demands of being a mommy of 2. I mean, you never realize how many times a day you reach down to pick something up, until you can’t.  But I’m trying to take it easy and the husband has been a superstar when he’s home, I’d be lost without him.  And thank the Lord for drugs, they are nice too.
At least three times a day, Matt and I look at each other and say, we have two kids, wow.
My cup runneth over.


  1. Oh Liv she is adorable! And I know Hudson is going to be an amazing big brother! So happy for you & your fam!

  2. this makes me so excited. I can't wait to have my girl, can't wait to have a calm c-section that doesn't seem like a huge emergency, can't wait to see H as big brother and can't wait to be overwhelmed/blessed by having two. Thanks for planning your child-having life so that it's the same as mine, just a few months earlier, because I'm sure that's what you meant to do :)

  3. Obviously, Jessica. Yes.

    Now... let's find some more fun girl projects to make.

  4. this post makes me so so happy. glad you had a good experience overall. (btw, i hate reading stories about mean, inflexible nurses...i pray that i'm never one of them!)

    hoping you bounce back quicker than before, but seriously relax as much as possible!

  5. this is a perfect picture of you and your girl.


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