Thursday, January 6, 2011

dear daughter: Lori C. writes

As we countdown the days until meeting our baby girl, I asked some friends to write their thoughts on having a daughter.   It means so much that they would take time to share their thoughts and I get more excited with each letter.  I hope you enjoy them too.
Lori C. writes:
It is through my dreams and ideals that I live my life. Some might say that is the wrong way to go, that I set myself up for disappointment, that I need to be more realistic. The truth is, I am plenty realistic- I just choose to be more passionate about what could be instead of what is. Call me crazy, but I know God has big plans for my life, why should I try to limit His workings with all my realism and such? So when asked what is so very wonderful about having daughters, it is by thinking about what could be that I can best answer this question. I look 1 year in the future, when hopefully some of my daughter's hair has grown and I can finally put a ponytail in it. I see my girl(s) in 5 years, being the mothering type to their brothers, filling my heart with pride and joy and a little anxiety as I hear them say and do the same things I do. A few years from then, and they are starting school and asking questions to which I don't even know the answers. Taking ballet classes. Going to soccer games. Helping me bake cookies. Preparing a meal by herself for the first time. Being grossed out by what her brothers bring in from outside (or thoroughly enjoying what ever they are doing, depending on what kind of girl she really is : ) We are hosting sleepovers, and I listen to my girls talk and giggle the night away. There are pink tights, hair bows, Easter dresses, Barbie dolls and Judy Blume books. A few years later and we are talking about college. Or music school. Or missions. Or whatever God has put in her tender heart as a passion and talent. My daughter(s) have grown into beautiful, graceful young women, and even when they don't believe it, their mom always will.
Right now, I have an 11 month old daughter, and a little girl due in March. I am so excited to see them grow up as sisters, sharing their lives, and their clothes, and their love. I look forward to teaching to cook and clean and love and shop and read and sing and bake and take care of babies. I look forward to one day having these young women around to talk and joke with and hug. This is something I can't look forward to with my son, who will grow up and still be my little boy, forever.
Having a daughter, and soon 2, is an experience like no other, one filled with reflection and wonder, beauty and joy. I only hope that one day, my daughters will have daughters that bring them as much light as they have already brought me.
Beautiful, Lori.  Thank you so much for sharing.  Those girls are so blessed to have you as a mom.
More dear daughter letters are coming next week.  I hope you enjoying them.


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