Wednesday, July 15, 2009


As promised, I wanted to share about the spectacular event called Inspire. I have been wanting to do something like this for some time and all the pieces came together. We had a smaller group than I intended, but it turned out splendidly.

We started the evening by enjoying appetizers, I challenged the girls to make something new, this was very fun. Hands down, the best dish of the evening was a Rustic Onion Tart, so very delicious. I will be making it next week. We even had an impromptu dessert or toasted tortillas sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar filled with chocolate.

I took some writing exercises from The Artist Way and had the girls fill them out.

Things like:

List things that keep you from being creative.
List things that inspire you.
List new things you'd like to try.
List things you'd like to change.

and some others....

Then I shared a bit about creativity, life, and inspiration. We talked about some of the items from our lists and of course, there were so many great topics that came up. We talked so long that we didn't get to do any of the other activities that I had planned.

I planned to do three different sessions... a free writing session, a collage session, and a session of drawing/creating whatever you felt like creating. I guess, that will happen next time.

Anyways, I had a wonderful time and I love how open and honest we were able to be. I know that I left encouraged to keep seeking inspiration as a way of life and I've heard from the other girls good reports, as well.

We are already talking about another event, needless to say I'm very excited.


  1. I like this very much. I wish I could have come.


  2. olivia--
    this is such a great idea! if i were available, i'd make the trek to the boro. just let me know when you are having the next one. i'd love it!!

  3. I have to thank you again for organizing this wonderful event. I am only sorry I had a near migraine. :P However, I am glad I didn't miss the breakout sessions, especially since the conversation sparked an unaccountable desire in me to draw, to create a collage, to inspire me on my writing project(s).


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