Friday, December 3, 2010

baby growing diaries #9

If you were an insect lurking in the corner of my living room, here are some random conversations that you might have heard in the past few days. 
Scene #1  Me going from the hallway to the living room, walking in between the yellow chair and my desk.
Me:  Is this chair further back than usual?
Husband:  No, I don’t think so, you’re probably just feeling larger than normal.
I pretended to be upset for two seconds, but he was right, large is the name of the game.
Scene #2 Sitting on the couch last night, feeling the most uncomfortable ever and in a bit of a ridiculous mood.
Me:  Babe, I don’t know, I don’t remember feeling this uncomfortable last time.
Husband: Well, you just blocked that part out of your memory, because you were. I remember.
Me:  No, I don’t think so, this is definitely worse.
Husband:  Because you have a two year old that wants to jump and climb on you all day long.  Just wait until you have a whole houseful of kids running around.
Me: Yeah, we should talk about that, because I’m pretty sure that I’m not interested in a whole houseful coming out of here.  (hand gestures involved.)  I’m don’t know how many more times I can do all of this. (more gestures).
Husband:  (Laughing.)  Well, now is certainly not the time to talk about having more kids.  I know better than that.  Well wait until she comes and she’s so cute and you forget the hard stuff all over again.  After a while, you’ll tell me you want another one.
Me:  Yeah, I don’t know.
Husband: You will.
Me: Maybe. 
Husband: You will.
Me: Probably.
He’s probably right again… maybe.
Go ahead and laugh.  That’s the point. Please feel free to share any amazing things your husband has send to you while pregnant, because they’ll make me laugh and forget how uncomfortable I just might be.
and by uncomfortable, I meant glowing  and radiant, excited, and getting plenty of rest, of course.
33 weeks today.


  1. Here is a good one for you. I decided to read the Twilight series books while I was pregnant with Hannah. I get to the point where Edward leaves Bella and I start bawling. We are not just talking small tears here. Mind you, I come out of the room and Rich goes "What the heck happened to you?" Proceed to tell him about my book. In response he says "I should take a picture of you since you are laughing and crying at the same time and post it on facebook. The comment under the pic will be..Why pregnant women should not read the Twilight series."

  2. last week Nick was talking about how Hendrix is the cutest kid in the world and all other kids better keep that in mind... then he glared directly at my stomach. I don't know if this will make you laugh so much as worry for this poor second baby :)

  3. he he te hee.... :) LOL

  4. Wow, you're almost there! Way to go!

    My husband didn't have anything nice to say when I was pregnant with my we won't go there. =)

    It's amazing how the Lord enables us to forget and we would do it again. We stopped our family with two beautiful treasures and while I would love another baby some days, I'm also thankful I don't have one. =) Independence is somewhat nice too. =)

  5. Haha! I absolutely {adore} reading your Growing Baby posts... :) They definitely give me warm fuzzies! ♥

  6. Nate is always trying to tell me "he knows how I feel", in response to me complaining about the various "joys" of pregnancy. He'll come up with some time in his life where he felt the same sort of pain in his life, in a vain effort to make me feel better. He's such a sweet husband most of the time that I try to overlook it....but, honestly, it makes me almost want to punch him in the face. : )

  7. I have always wondered if this is exactly what will happen when I'm preggo! When asked, my optimal number of future kids is "three or four". However, I'm quite sure that once I begin to experience the "joys" of pregnancy someday, that number will drop dramatically. :)

    It was lovely to meet you at Jessica's house today...perhaps I'll see you there next year? :)


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