Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas bookworms

As promised, here is a fun and easy gift idea for those cute little babies in your life.  I was inspired by Jessica’s, Sew a snake post.  So, I made these little toys for my niece and nephew.  I realize, it’s not quite Christmas, but they can’t read and I’m pretty sure they don’t use computers yet, so they’ll never know.

Introducing, Christmas bookworms…



  For a fun little boy, I made this one out of scraps of fabric.  I cut the pieces to be mostly the same sizes, except for a few thinner ones, for variety.  I sewed them all together in a long strip, then folded it in half (the wrong side out), sewing it almost the entire way, but leaving it unfinished to turn right side out and stuff.  I double hand stitched the mouth to close it off. (This is important with babies, because they are tough little buggers and can destroy anything.)  I used small pieces of felt for the eyes and I’m going to add felt glasses, where you see the outline (with marker.)


For a sweet baby girl, I made this one out of a  multi-colored scarf, that I’ve had for years.  It was even easier since it was already one piece, so I just folded it in half, sewed it up most of the way, turned it right side out and stuffed it.  I also added a cute little bow..  The eyes and mouth I did the same as the one above.  I was just thinking you could also use a cute pair of knee-high socks too.   I’m pretty sure this one is longer than my two month old niece, but I think this worm is durable enough to withstand the loving of a baby.

We picked up some fun little board books to finish off the gift, because what bookworm is complete without a book?

There are tons of variations possible with this idea, so go ahead and have fun. 



  1. They're adorable! Very creative.

  2. cute! i think they will be great gifts!

  3. bookworms!! i love it! the sewn on glasses are my fav. brilliant. aren't auntie gifts the best?

  4. Liv, these are so sweet. I'm itching to make a few simple crafts over Christmas break...these are going on the list! Although I don't have any babes or nieces/nephews, I might stash them away for future baby showers!

    Jess is right, too. The glasses are the best touch. :)


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