Wednesday, December 8, 2010

bedding for baby: a preview

  It turns out that a certain baby will have bedding in her crib after all.
I have vowed to only share sneak peeks until the whole project is finished, because I’m cruel and love keeping people in suspense. IMG_5884Here’s my progress report. The quilt is completed.  I need to add ties to the bumper and finish the ends.  I’ve yet to start or buy fabric for the crib skirt, but that’s not going to be to hard and in my opinion is still very optional.  Oh, and I’m buying sheets, because that part sounded really boring to make.  And yes, that is how I decide things.  
I really love how it’s all coming together and can’t wait to show you the finished product. 
Oh… p.s. In case you were wondering,  it’s still winter and it’s absolutely freezing, actually below freezing.  Am I the only one who thinks that a full month of winter is a bit excessive? If I listen carefully, I can hear warmer lands beckoning.  If you listen carefully you’ll hear it too.


  1. oh it's going to be so GREAT! loving all those fun patterns and colors.

    every time you say something about winter "still" being here, i have a head shake of sadness for you. oh grasshoppa. ;) i will be here to hold your hand in march should you need it.

  2. love the progress you're making. speaking of winter... up here in Canada its a 6 month affair. It would be perfectly lovely, if not for the blistering winds. Hope you find a way to get through your winter. I say lots of hot tea, scarves and warm socks.

  3. You said there was a lot of colors and you were right! That looks so perfect for a baby!! Can't wait to see the whole project!!

  4. It's beautiful already and I can't handle the suspense. She's one lucky little lady, that's for sure.

    And agreed about the winter. I am so fed up...And according to the calendar it hasn't officially even begun yet!!


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