Wednesday, December 22, 2010

weekend shower

{Sister-in-laws, me, baby sister, mom, Hudson}
This past weekend, my sister-in-laws planned a little baby shower for me and  baby.  I love how simple and relaxed it was. Every detail was perfect from having the event at a closed-to-the-public coffee shop to the delicious drinks and treats.  So cozy and fun.  It ended up just being family, being the weekend before Christmas people are busy busy, but it was actually perfect.  I loved sitting on the oversized brown couches and  just talking about all things baby with my sisters, mom, and aunt.  My son spent the afternoon mooching sweet snacks from all of his aunties and his Gigi, consuming the most sugar he’s ever had in his lifetime.
My mom brought a box of old baby clothes from when we were all  young and as we went through each piece there were tons of stories and laughs.  Naturally, I informed her that vintage baby clothes are in and ended up bringing the box home.
I loved all the gifts, the cute outfits and the much needed practical items, they were all perfect, but I think we were all blown away by my mom’s gift.  Growing up, I remember my mom used to sew all sorts of things from patches on our jeans to costumes, but it’s been years since her last project. For the past few months, she kept telling me she was making a blanket for her first Granddaughter, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the final results.
This wasn’t just another blanket to throw in the pile along with the others, it is one that we will keep and cherish forever.
One side is knit in the softest cream colored yarn.
The other side is done in this lovely grey fabric with cute little pink birds,   She said it reminded her of one of my paintings, which made me love it even more.
She had an “H” embroidered in the corner there is a sweet little tag that reads, handmade with love by G, for Gigi. I love the pink satin binding and ruffles around the edge too.
Isn’t is so special?  I just can’t get over the amount of time and thought that was put into making this beautiful blanket.  I’m sure she will love it just as much as we do.  Thanks Mom.
And thanks to my sisters for a wonderful afternoon!


  1. Oh, Liv, this is so special. The fabric she used on the backing is totally divine for a little girl with a hip mama.

    My grandma made a blanket for me when I was a babe. It wasn't nearly as gorgeous or elaborate as this, but the sentiment was just as sweet. I still have it to this day, even though the pink binding is ragged from years of love.

    I'm sure your little one will always treasure it, too, even when she's 20 and it's a smidge raggy around the edges. :)

  2. What a lovely day. I so wanted to come...but would have felt horrible guilt if I'd passed along this crud that has now taken over. Yuck. Sorry for sharing even that much. :)

    The blanket is BEAUTIFUL. What a thoughtful and gorgeous gift~ it is so you!


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