Monday, December 20, 2010

two year olds are a whole bunch of silly.

Kids are silly.  You know when they do something and you want to laugh so badly, but don’t as to not encourage them?  I feel like all of a sudden these moments are happening every single moment of the day.  For example…
Yesterday out of nowhere, H started shaking his pointer finger at me and  said very seriously in a high pitched voice, “No. No. No.”  Occasionally, he’ll start doing something he knows he shouldn’t and he’ll say to himself, “No. No. No.” However, this never stops him from whatever sort of trouble he is doing. Weird.
The other day when he was supposed to be sleeping, I went into his room to inform him that he needed to take a nap.  He went and stood behind the organizer that hangs from his bedroom door and hid.  Obviously, I could see him and his little legs peeking out from underneath, but somewhere in his mind, he thought his invisibility would get him out a nap. Every once in a while, he peeked his head out to see if I was still there waiting for him… I was.
Sometimes when we tell him to pick up his toys, he closes his eyes and pretends he is sleeping, by making “shhhh shhhh shhh” sounds.  We can’t help but laugh and he peeks one eye open, smiles, and then 'goes back to sleep.’  We still make him pick up his toys.
And right now…
Instead of napping, he’s sliding his alphabet cards under his door and into the hallway, one by one.  I can hear each one being pushed across the floor.  I wonder when he will run out?
That kid, he’s something. 


  1. So fun! I was amazed how quickly my children's "inherited nature", from the first couple, became evident! =)

    I still try to keep myself from laughing sometimes when they are doing those things that they shouldn't's not often...but I've lost it a couple times. =)

  2. huge belly laugh going on over here. i can just picture him filing those little cards one by one. little boys!


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