Thursday, January 6, 2011


Large Wooden Ampersand
{image via Hindsvik}
I have a thing for ampersands.  I mean, the word alone is amazing. If I collected things, which I rarely do, it would be ampersands.
ampersand. ampersand. ampersand.
Anyways, I still haven’t packed my bags, but I did make a cute headband for Harper’s little head.  I felt like that was more important.  Oh, and I designed her birth announcement, as least in my head.
This weekend, if I am not having a baby, which would be my first choice, I’m going to make a cover for the boppy with this breathtaking fabricFans in Sprout
And here’s my final thought for today… Hospital gowns, are they still as hideous as they were two years ago and if so, WHY hasn’t anyone done something about this? 
Yes, these are the things that concern me.
Happy Weekend.


  1. #1. Just finished my coffee. It was delicious.
    #2. Just saw the pic of Harper's Little dress. Love it.
    #3. So irritated with myself right now because I nearly chose the pink starlings (dress fabric) and fans in sprout (the boppy cover fabric) for her quilt. And when I say nearly, I mean I had them in my shopping cart and then changed my mind. Should have gone with my gut. Ugh.
    #4. However, I am in love with the fabric choices I did make. I hope you will be too.
    #5. The fabric is on its way to me as I type. Yeah.

  2. Is that what that "and" sign is called- and ampersand? I never knew that it even had a name! : ) Love the boppy fabric- did you find instructions somewhere to make the boppy cover, or are you just winging it?
    And, yes, my last experience with hospital gowns was just as horrifying as the first. At least you don't have to worry about them getting yucky.

  3. 1. please share the birth announcements!!

    2. i am getting so anxious to meet her, i can't even imagine how you feel.

    3. awesome fabric choice. love the plums.

    4. want to know a secret? you can probably opt out of the gown. just bring your own jammies--they should honor that..just don't be sad if they get a little messed. :)

  4. So anxious for them to get some new hospital gowns. I mean, really. Would it kill them to get full closure in the back, and perhaps a tie to reveal the illusion of some shape?

    I'm optomistic that by the time I have a baby, they'll have overhauled those terrible things. For now, I'm with Jess. Bring your own.


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