Monday, January 3, 2011

Once upon a time in 2010.

I’ve been trying to capture my thoughts in regards to 2010. There was plenty of waiting, uncertainty, and more waiting.  There was moving, adjusting, and moving again.  More adjusting to the changes.  Plenty of puking and sickness, and more waiting (still).  It was  year of building, investing time and effort, long days and lots of trusting.  It was year of moving forward, even if the progress was slow and hard to see.  And while it wasn’t the most glamorous 365 days, the good times and the blessings were too numerous to count.  Did I forget anticipation? 2010 was full of it.

In all of these changes, with all of the growth and lessons, we remained grateful and confident.  Our love grew for each other, our son, and the little girl that we will soon meet.  Long days of working two jobs for Matt made us cherish the hours of being together.  And as we continue to settle into this new state, wondering if it will ever feel like our home, wondering if we will ever find that sense of “home,” we instead just found it in each other.  As much as we long for a greater sense of community and the place where our passions and talents will come to the forefront, as dreamers and lovers of change, we have come to the reality that “home” may never be a place.  Although, we’re quite certain it could be found on the coast of California, where the salty waves crash onto the shore and splash our faces.

We know that these years in our lives are seasons of building and preparing, times that will shape us into the people and family that we are called to be and so, we welcome them, knowing they are preparation for what lies before us.  Just like each of the snowflakes falling outside my window, I know that all the moments in time are necessary, because together they form the beautiful story of life.   Even if we could sum up 2010 as exhausting, I’m still thankful, because now we have arrived at the start of a new year full of mystery and possibilities, ready to be embraced. 

Dreams don't make your life easier, they make it possible to endure hardship. – E. McManus


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  1. Hmmm...that's quite a quote. I think that for me, Christ was the only way I endured 2010. I am looking forward to a different year in 2011, but I'm not sure what all that entails either. =)


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