Wednesday, January 12, 2011

dear daughter: Lori C. writes

As we countdown the days until meeting our baby girl, I asked some friends to write their thoughts on having a daughter.   It means so much that they would take time to share their thoughts and I get more excited with each letter.  I hope you enjoy them too.
Lori writes:
I absolutely love having a girl. Besides the obvious~ they are SO fun to dress!!!~ there are treasures each and every day that come with having a daughter. There is a bond between a mother and a daughter like no other. Every stage is different. My daughter is 12 1/2 now and we have been through many phases together now. I've cried, laughed, endured, and clung to each phase.

We have always loved each other, but it changes and grows all the time. Her needs change and I have to learn how to flow accordingly. My deepest desire is to teach her to love God with all her heart, to love others freely and to have a quiet confidence within herself.  I want to teach her to give sacrificially, to be grateful for all she's blessed with, to have humility in all things, but to also be bold, daring and confident in everything her heart wants to accomplish. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin, have a healthy body image and to always look out for the underdog.

I also want to be surprised by what she learns on her own. In many ways, she's teaching ME all the time. As a mother, I think it's one of the greatest gifts we can give our children~ to let them know that we can learn from them too.  A daddy and a daughter also have a bond like no other and it is something to behold! I adore watching how my husband and daughter love each other. It makes me love them both all the more.

After having my baby girl, I wasn't sure I could be a mother to anything BUT girls. She was just so easy, so calm, so happy, so pretty and dainty...but when our son came 6 years later, we were somehow able to know what to do with him too. Whew! You are going to love seeing how Hudson reacts to this little bundle of loveliness that is Harper...and oh man, when they begin playing together and having to each phase. I cry at every birthday, both at the loss of what will never be again and in rejoicing who she has become. It's a wonderful thing to see a beautiful baby girl blossom into a beautiful young lady.conversations with each will find your joy is complete.
Thanks Lori, this was beautiful, so much to look forward to!


  1. so this just confirms that i MUST have a girl someday! i really wanted one first so I'd be guaranteed a little fashion and fun, but i got my boy instead. and BOY do i adore him!! but: he pretty much NEEDS a sister someday. :)


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