Monday, February 21, 2011

dear kindle & my ranting's on winter

Yesterday, I bundled up and walked 1000 feet to one of my favorite destinations, in the swirling snow and howling wind. I wore my pink rain boots, because  I have no winter boots, since I have refused to participate in winter and the reality that it is still present.  I mean, Minnesota, for the love of all that is sane and holy, why is it still winter and where in the world does all this snow come from and why in all of creation do people live here?  Why do I live here? I miss California. I miss Florida. I miss Tennessee. I miss everywhere there is warmth and green grass and leaves on the trees and my flip-flops. Do you know how much I hate wearing socks?
Oh, did I mention, we had another snow storm yesterday, like 10 more inches.  Minnesota is so dramatic with it’s winter weather drama. 
Now that you know how I feel about winter, let’s return to my story.  Yesterday, I walked to my local Starbucks.  Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lake next to the Starbucks, but all that remains is ice and snow and people who drive their cars onto the ice and sit in little buildings, fishing… in the cold… and they call this fun.  Something else I will never understand. I mean, I get the other kind of fishing, not so much the ice.  I only like ice in my ice cream and sweet tea.  Hmm, sweet tea.
I promise this post has something to do with a Kindle, and here’s how.  I finally got a Kindle, as in I’ve wanted one since the beginning of creation… sure, they weren’t exactly around then, neither was I, but deep down, I also knew I would want one.  Thanks to my amazing  husband, the only material thing that I want now is a mini cooper.
And I love it. I really, really do.  I also made that little case for it, because I looked online and thought, 1. those are all ugly. 2. I could make my own.  So, a little fabric and batting later, done.   Doesn’t it match the color scheme of my latte and cupcake box perfectly, it’s like it was meant to be. 
And that is probably because I was made for coffee shops.  Can I just say, how much I miss leisurely outings, sitting in the over-sized cozy chairs, the sounds of the espresso machines and the hissing of the steaming milk, the random bits of conversations,  and the delectable scent of coffee wafting through the air.  This is my comfort zone.
Anyways, it was magical and so is my new Kindle.
I must say that as a lover of the printed word, the smell of old paper, and the feel of a perfect book in my hands, I don’t think that books should ever be completely replaced by electronic readers, but I think that if you are an avid reader, you can enjoy books this way too, because it’s awesome.
What about you friends, do you have strong feelings on this subject or just strong affection for your e-readers?


  1. Oh congrats on the Kindle! I am hoping to get one soon too! Love your cover for it as well!

  2. After swearing that I would never ever ever read anything but ink-and-paper stories, I broke down and asked for a Nook for my birthday. And I love it. Plus I buy way more books than I ever did before so it's a win for everyone.

  3. I have a couple of things to say on these subjects, but will try to not get too lengthy. :) You're welcome.

    1. You didn't believe what everyone told you about Minnesota did you...

    2. I know you didn't know me then, but you really should have asked me first before moving here. Same as with wanting the e-reader since before Creation, I could have told you it was not a wise decision.

    3. The sooner you make peace with the cold, as in, do something FUN out in it, the better.

    4. I LOVE my e-reader so very much. Still love real paper pages, too.

    5. I lied about not being lengthy. Sorry.

  4. to answer your email, in point number 2, what i meant was...

    i know you didn't know me when you moved here, but you should have asked me first before moving. ;) was trying to compare it to your knowing since before creation that you wanted an e-reader...but yeah, that didn't make much sense and might still not. :)

  5. I will not talk about the weather here in Georgia.

    I really, really, like my kindle. I find myself torn from time to time over ink and paper, but never for too long. There are several older books that I still get in paper format, and I bought Bonhoeffer's bio in paper too (because it was so long and had pictures). But, I really like the portability of my kindle and I find I read a lot more with it. I wouldn't trade it. Welcome my friend. Welcome.


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