Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the reveal

Remember the fabric dilemma for Harper’s bedding?  Remember when I chose the fabric that “delighted my artistic soul?” Remember the sneak peeks?  Remember when I had the cutest baby girl in the world?

Alright, enough remembering.  You want pictures.   Cue pictures.


{the quilt}




{the whole deal}


I was fortunate to find some cute models already in their pajamas (or rather still in their pajamas at 11am) hanging around me to show off the finished product…

IMG_6667IMG_6668IMG_6674 - Copy  IMG_6675 - CopyIMG_6677IMG_6679IMG_6680

and then… Harper’s stuffed friends joined in the fun.


sweet bedding for my little lady.

I should note that technically it is not finished, as I haven’t added the ties to the bumper, I still don’t know what to use, so if you have any ideas please send them my way.   I haven’t closed off the sides of the bumpers, in case I need to pull out the pads to sew on the ties. Once I do this, then it will really be done.  I think I’m opting out of a crib skirt for now, since I don’t store things underneath, but I can always make one later.  Technically, she won’t sleep in this crib for a while, since she’s our roommate for the next six months… and it’s still being used by the original owner as a toddler bed.

Total cost of fabric, quilt batting, bumper pads:  $90

Actual time sewing: less than 10 hours

Biggest challenges: Finalizing the design

Biggest frustration:  Measuring and cutting the strip for bumper.

(I’m not into numbers and measuring)

Worth it or not: Absolutely yes.

So, if you’ve questioned whether or not you should make your own bedding, I’d say yes.  I love that I have just the fabrics and design I wanted. I love that it’s completely one of a kind.  I also love that I made it and spent much less than I would on something generic from the store. 

Sometimes, I start scheming up other designs too… but I’m not sure this is my new creative endeavor, besides, I’m a little busy these days.


  1. It looks beautiful! and the fabrics looks wonderful together!!

  2. It looks beautiful! and the fabrics looks wonderful together!!

  3. Oh Liv, the bedding looks terrific! And I love the pics of H&H!

  4. I love it, Liv! It looks beautiful. You did an amazing job.

  5. Love it!!! You did a great job. As for could use leftover fabric cut into strips and finished. You could use ribbon? and use fray check on the raw ends.....or twill tape. It's sort of like ribbon but more earthy. Love you!


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