Monday, February 14, 2011

yesterday is for lovers.

Apparently, it’s Valentines Day, which is cute, but there is no way I’m celebrating today, not at all.  Not because I’m one of those anti-commercialized holiday rebels, it has more to do with the fact that today my valentine will celebrate our love, but being the bread-winner, bringing home the bacon, if you will… a.k.a., he works both jobs today.  By the time, he gets home, my little eyes will barely be able to stay open.  Don’t feel bad, because truthfully, nothing says I love you, like working really long hours when you’re so tired, because you have two jobs, a two year old, and a newborn, and you have to get up early to catch the bus, because you still don’t have car… but you don’t complain and you do it all willingly for your wife and your family.  Now that’s love, real, everyday, committed love.

Oh and also, we went out yesterday.FxCam_1297627964852

Let me tell you about yesterday.  It was 48 degrees.  The sun was shining.  I saw two blades of mostly green grass.   I left the house with my husband, not a child in sight, not even one. I even took the smallest purse I had, no diaper bag needed.  Furthermore,  my completely un-swollen feet fit into my cute boots again for the first time since December and my coat buttoned, as in all the way, with ease.   These are all really great things.

We perused a few stores,  held hands, enjoyed a leisurely lunch, and then did some super romantic grocery shopping, oh la la.   It was pretty terrific, because we like each other and we’re in love.

Hope you feel loved today.


  1. i love the every day love and seeing the beauty in that...makes for a happy person indeed.

    so glad for all your really great things.


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