Thursday, February 3, 2011


Do you ever feel excessively rich?  And I don’t mean the kind that has anything to do with your bank account or being surrounded by a life of luxury… I mean, that beautiful feeling of being so abundantly blessed that the gratitude is practically oozing out of the cracks.

Sure, I may have an ugly couch covered by aslightly less ugly slipcover and that pile of dishes is still waiting to be cleaned.    I may still be longing for that sense of community that we hope to find in our new town.  I may not leave the house very often, due in part to the fact that we haven’t had a car for over a month now.  And I may be tired always, thanks to that amazing new baby of mine.  And some days that pile of bills can seem extra frustrating.  And those days when the husband works both jobs can feel longer than anything… ever.  And, it may still be winter for the 15th month in a row… but what is all of that?

It is meaningless, trivial bits of nonsense that can sometimes get in the way of seeing the beauty, like a thick mass of fog lingering between you and the most glorious views.

The past few days, we’ve felt this incredible sense of peace and contentment, taking in the blessings too numerous to count… knowing that our needs will be met and our God has a plan.  The days of being carless are becoming slightly annoying, but we are confident in the timing.  The other day I asked Matt what the whole point of this was, being that we’ve been praying for a new car for a few years.  He quickly responded with, “It’s a progress report.”  To which, I said… “What?”  “The fact that we’ve been able to go without a car for this long, that fact that we are not questioning if God will provide a way for a new car, whether it’s how we think or something unimaginable, we just know He will. It’s a progress report.” 

I thought that was a pretty good answer.

I’m thankful for the struggles that have brought me to this point, when instead of worrying, we can trust and remain confident in our provider.  I’m thankful that we don’t find our value in things, mere object of little worth.  I’m overwhelmed at the richness of this life:  being blessed with a wonderful, hardworking, loving husband, two delightful, amazing kids, dreams, creativity,  comfort, warmth, safety, a peaceful, happy home, friends and family, coffee,  and a God who is bigger and greater than any trouble that my come our way.

Personally, I’ll take this kind of rich any day.


  1. Beautiful expressed. This is the kind of richness that I feel every day. God is good and His timing is perfect. When someone can be at peace with that; they have found true joy. Even when the timing means we have to wait to hold that new precious gift :)

  2. Perfectly said, my friend. :) Love you all - hug that sweet little girl and her loving big brother for us! :)

  3. like you, i'm feeling incredibly rich today. we have such lovely little families. and even in the snow, there is a warm glow in our homes that fills us to overflowing!

  4. You speak the truth so well. I love this post and I feel the same way. Considering my excessively warm weather down here in Florida, I feel quite rich, myself. If I could share the wealth, I would!! Can we trade a beach day for a snow day? Snow days are fun. :)

  5. I love this. So glad to stumble across it today!


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