Monday, February 7, 2011

two weeks

This lovely is two weeks old today.  She’s an absolute dream.  Yesterday, we had a little photo shoot for her birth announcement, which I envisioned months ago.  She was perfectly happy and cooperative and I must say, they turned out just as I hoped.  The photo above is from part two of the shoot, because I scheme up crazy things in my head and thankfully the rest of the family humored me, mostly… although H didn’t think he could stand another minute of watching from his high chair, but I think he’s over it.
Two weeks into this adventure, I bet you’re dying to know my thoughts on being a mama of two.  Here goes:
Tired. So Tired. The other day I took the kettle full of boiling water meant for the French Press and started pouring it  into my cereal bowl, turning my whole milk + frosted mini wheat's into warm cereal in skim milk.   You wouldn’t believe the amount of diapers I’ve changed, unless you have actually have two kids, then you’d know.  I’m thinking moms should earn airline miles for all the diapers they change.  Hello, free trip to Paris. And the house… well, it’s experiencing neglect like never before, good thing homes don’t have feelings. 
My love for coffee has reached all new heights, as if that was possible, but whatever, we’re best friends.  Yesterday morning, I held my steaming mug in my hands and said, “coooffeeee,” sort of like a zombie, but probably more like an addict, I don’t know. Matt laughed at me.   I’m pretty sure this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and if I ever thought that just having just one was hard work, mercy, mercy, mercy.  At times I think, yes, I’ve got this.  I can totally handle this… and then there are times when I think, “I want my mommy.” 
HOWEVER, there is this…
And half of the times that H usually says, “Hi,” throughout the day (which is a very large number) has been replaced with “baby,” and that’s pretty cute.  And he doesn’t want to go to sleep without saying good night to her.  And he loves to lie down next to her and hold her hand.  And goodness, she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
… but I couldn’t imagine life without them,
So, I will keep them, change more diapers, sleep less,  drink more coffee, and in all my exhaustion… be very very happy.


  1. Oh Liv, I can't wait to see the final birth announcement! So happy for you, my friend! If anyone can succeed in this crazy venture it's you. ;)

  2. I think the frequent flier miles are a superb idea. we are looking forward to seeing the birth announcement.

  3. Oh yes Liv, I remember that feeling so well. Being a mom of one seems like a breeze compared to a mom of two. You live on fumes almost all day, and don't know when that shower will take place because now you have two to think of. It is the crazy life, but the most rewarding life.

  4. I love that you included the phrase "I will keep them", as if to imply that you have perhaps thought about giving them away. I have thought that myself after changing what seemed like the
    600th poopy diaper of the day. : ) Harper is so beautiful, can't wait to see her announcement.

  5. oh you poor girl! the cereal story is so sweet. if i wasn't working i would come down and let you take a nap. so glad for coffee though. it is such a lifesaver.

  6. I cannot, cannot even imagine the number of diapers, Liv. I'm planning to remain ignorant of that true until I've find myself midst two of my own children...wondering "What have I done?" :)

    Harper is beautiful. I'm sure that's a pretty good pay off for all the poop. :)

  7. Nate and I tell our kids frequently that we've decided to keep them. They laugh and roll their eyes. :)

    I'm tired for you. Hang in there, dear girl. You are raising some beauties and sweeties. Hope an hour of rest feels like five hours. In Jesus' name, let it be so.

  8. I love this post. So honest and raw and truthful. Parenting is hard, especially with a new little one. It gets so much easier, as I'm sure you know. Hang in there!


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