Thursday, July 23, 2009

dear _____

dear God,
thank you for another beautiful day. i'm going to be needing you today,
just like every other day. i can't do this whole living thing on my own.
thanks for being so amazing.

dear coffee,
i know i say this often, but you are especially tasty and necessary this morning,
after the all-night-wake-up-every-hour-fest that the hudson baby pulled.

dear regina,
love your new album and i especially find this song intriguing.

dear hudson baby,
you are nine months old now, but you are still to young to look at all
the pretty little girls, do you hear me? also, you still have the most
kissable cheeks.

dear mom and sister,
i can't wait to see you next week. it's been way too long. we are going
to have so much fun. the hudson baby has grown up so much since christmas.

dear television,
if i never heard the phrase "in this economy," again, i'd be ok with that.

dear creativity,
thank you for visiting me so much and so often,
i really enjoy spending time with you.

dear anthropologie,
i wish i owned one of everything {in my size} that is in your store.
i especially want this and this and THIS.

dear crime and punishment,
i should probably start reading you because cafe classic is only a few weeks away.

dear library,
thank you for having so many movies to check out for free. i am especially excited
to watch going my way and holiday inn again, nothing like a good christmas movie in july.

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  1. Holiday Inn is one of my favorites!! I also love the movie Holiday Affair w/ Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh - have you seen that one? Having a little Christmas in July film festival sounds like a marvelous idea. :)


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