Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a bouquet of random

1. I'd like to be curled up with my book and coffee... because there's a storm coming, I can smell it in the air and it's lovely. I'm a huge fan of a good thunderstorm. I love the rain. I love thunder. It's beautiful and peaceful and poetic to me.

2. I made this yesterday and she wasn't lying when she said that it's delicious and addicting. I made it with the cheesecake flavored jello mix. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

3. I just saw this and literally have to stop myself from running out the door to the grocery to purchase the ingredients, because the point of a grocery budget is to not spend more than allowed. Silly budgets.

4. Hallelujah is one of my all-time favorite songs. So many brilliant artists have covered it. Of course, I love anything by Damien Rice, so this is lovely. But I think this one is one of the best.

5. I've been seeing all these incredible pictures from Polaroid cameras lately, and I want one.

6. I also very much would like to be the proud owner of a Kindle. Emphasis on the VERY MUCH.

7. The Hudson baby is nine months old today. Oh my.

That's all for now.



  1. I just saw that zucchini pineapple cake recipe this morning. I really want to make it but I have a sneaking suspicion I'd eat the whole thing in 2 days, max.

    My favorite version of Hallelujah is Chris Botti's (

  2. Yes, I love that version too.


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