Friday, July 3, 2009

life impromptu.

Some of the girls had made grand plans to try some fancy restaurant this evening in Nashville, but apparently it took us all until this morning to realize we couldn't afford such extravagance right now and decided on an impromptu Girls Night In. {Isn't that always more fun anyways?} + {More affordable}. It was both, indeed.

Here's the menu:
Bacon wrapped dates, stuffed with Swiss cheese
Roasted spiced chickpeas
Crostini with goat cheese, fig preserves, and walnuts
Spinach salad with strawberries, goat cheese, and walnuts
and something that can only be known as:
All that is good and chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries on top
and don't forget, a perfectly black cup of Starbuck's Sumatra coffee.

Not bad for last minute planning, huh?

There was plenty of laughing and chatting, but one of my favorite parts was going through this huge box of goodies that my friend had received from her grandmother's house. My favorite was this little hairpin with three cream circles and the center one had soft pink roses. I mean, I'd never wear it as a hair pin, but it would make a remarkable broach. It was full of all kinds of fabulous + vintage jewelry, scarves, handkerchiefs, buttons, and timeless memories. Great creativity was inspired by all those gems. The kind of creative goodness that made me want to come home and paint.

Also, every time I visit this particular friends' home, I am overwhelmed with inspiration. I love everything about how she decorates her home and often forget what the conversations are about because I get lost admiring this and that. I like having friends like that. I like that no one gets mad at me for doing that.

I even brought home a few little pieces that she didn't want anymore, can't beat that. When, all is said and done, I prefer a quality night in than a big night out on the town any day.

Plus, you can't beat a husband that will stay home with the mr. fussyhead baby on a Friday night, so you can get out for a few hours, no, you can't beat that.

Now, I must try to convince all the ideas swirling in my head that they must wait until tomorrow.

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  1. what a lovely menu! and such great fun. i'd love to have you over for a girl's night... which i'm planning very soon! xxoo


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