Tuesday, July 14, 2009

on adventure friday

We finally visited the Gaylord Opryland resort. I'm not sure why we've never gone before, or especially why we missed it at Christmas, but we had a wonderful time. I sort of wish I could live there. I'd take one of the top floor suites, I mean, if I had too. It might be tough, but we'd survive, right? I could see myself sitting on my quaint little balcony every morning drinking coffee from the french press and watching the people.

I'm a big fan of flowers and water, even if it's indoors and man made. I loved the little Italian restaurant, which reminded me of something that I would see in Italy, well, it reminded me of something that I would like to see WHEN I get to visit Italy someday. Anyways, it was pretty.

We even felt lost a few times wandering around, admiring all the beauty... so it became a game, trying to find our way out and doing so in a stroller accessible way... {that was the tricky part.}

After, we search the entire Orpy Mills mall for one of our favorite stores, The Apple Barn, we needed some apple butter and fig preserves.... and fresh apple donuts, of course. Along the way, we picked up a coffee from Starbucks (typical) and Matt even found a Bubble Tea House (something he used to enjoy in the Northwestern US states.) I thought it was a little weird and preferred my coffee, instead. Perhaps, it's an acquired taste?

At the end of the day, our legs were nearly staging a coup, but it was fun and we spent a little over ten dollars. Now that's not bad. Here are some photos...


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