Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Inspiration Submission Drive

I have a new idea; it's probably birthed from my last post. I'm intrigued by this idea, but again, including others in my creative process is not easy for me. So, here's the thing: I want you to share with me, one quote or phrase or song lyric or poem that you think would be perfect in a painting. I suppose I could call it "Inspiration Submission Drive," kind of like a paper drive or canned food drive... But, I don't want your old papers or random cans of unmarked foods, I want your best words. I'm going to collect them and make them into a list and post them in my art room. I think this could be fun and it could also be scary. Perhaps, the best ideas should scare us from time to time? Yes? Let's try it.

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  1. here are a couple that are special to Andrew and I...might be note card material...

    "one more for love"
    "you are home to me"

    Love you!! :)


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