Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 20th birthday to my little, tiny, baby brother, Jeremiah.

In reality, he is no longer little or tiny, but he will always seem that way to me. He is much taller and bigger than me, these days. I will always remember the day he was born. My parents, in their old fashioned ways never found out the gender of any of their children, so we were anxious to discover who would be joining us. I was desperately hoping and praying that a baby girl would be joining my ranks, because I was already outnumbered two brothers and zero sisters. I was only five then, but I remember thinking it would be tragic to have one more brother and remain the only girl.

We received the phone call from my dad, telling us that our new sibling was yet, another boy. I am not exaggerating when I saw that I ran to my room and cried for what could have been days. (Can a five-year -old cry that long?) I was devastated.

I eventually warmed up to the idea, but every now and then I like to remind him of my feelings on the day of his birth, because I'm his sister, that's why.

Everyday, I'm so proud to be his sister, he's caring, intelligent, talented, funny, and constantly learning about his faith. He left home and went to L.A. to pursue his acting dreams and while that process is a slow one, he's living his life, he's making life happen and growing along the way. He's athletic, artistic, funny, musical, smart, clever, witty, and good looking- I might add. Is there anything this boy can't do? Silly girls better not mess with him, because I can be a mean, mean sister.

We all love you here Jeremiah!! Happy Birthday!!!


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