Wednesday, June 1, 2011

art everywhere everyday no.1

the breeze and the curtain waltzed to the tune of the summer wind.

fleeting sketches fill the earth and fade with the setting of the sun

imagine every bunch of flowers as another dab of paint on his beautiful living canvas.

puddles are never just puddles.


Art is everywhere everyday. Where did you find it?


  1. At the boat landing. :)
    There were doves that were building a nest, they looked like they were dancing.
    I watched the ripples on the water and took some pictures.
    I saw the sun go to sleep in the clouds, and they were bright beautiful wonderful colors.

    I had the same thought today Liv, that GodArt is everywhere, and should be glorified and pondered at, if only for a moment. :)

  2. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! They look wonderful :)


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