Monday, June 27, 2011

On not moving, ideas, and in-laws… oh my.

It appears that this place is keeping us longer, and we are signing another lease at the same address, which we have never done, we’re movers, we move, so it feels a little strange to be staying. Why would you do such a thing, you ask.. Why are we staying in this land of endless, horrifying winter? Why aren’t you moving to the promised land of sunshine, oceans, and in-n-out burger? Why aren’t you headed for the lovely land that is Charleston? I  know not…even though we have the desire to seek out new lands, it seems we are facing a giant yield sign that says, “whoa there partner, slow down,” that’s weird, signs don’t talk like cowboys in old western movies.  I guess there is probably a reason to be discovered at some point, someday. Whatever, knowing things is overrated.

So, since we are not searching for another apartment and packing, I decided today, at lunch time that the entire living room needed to be rearranged. Immediately. No, I couldn’t wait until nap time. NO, I couldn’t wait until Matt came home. When I get ideas, I need to do them now, my thoughts are impatient like that, I don’t know where in the world they get that from. I am now tired from moving heavy things and carrying my 17 pound baby.

I have at least three painting ideas in my head, I know, it’s exciting.  I have a dozen things I want to sew.  I have 3 things I’d like to find at garage sales.  And I  believe it’s time to make some friends who also live in this land of endless, horrifying winter.   Except, it’s summer right now and I love this summer. 75 is the perfect temperature.  I also love a good, rainy 65.  80, not so much.

We’re taking a little trip this weekend to see Matt’s family.  They’ll probably make me get up super early on Saturday and have breakfast at a very breakfast-sort-of-hour, they always  do.  I usually survive because of legal addictive stimulants (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?) and it’s nice to see everyone, BUT I feel like it’s my duty to make a big deal about this. So I do. My family would never ever dream of getting up and intentionally seeing people in the morning, I mean, people used to think that I didn’t even know how to speak within the first hour of waking, I think it’s hereditary.  Alas, I married into a family of breakfast-eating-morning-people.

Some things I shall never understand.

Anyways, just for fun,  do you have any silly “I married into a family… stories?”  And what is your ideal temperature? 

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  1. I agree with you a lovely 65-75 would be perfect rain or no rain i don't care my mom bought me a beautiful umbrella that I love to show off.
    Unfortunately I will soon marry into a family that does not laugh and does not talk during you can imagine this is very strange for me, they are just not funny people.


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