Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the time-frenzied soul.

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After my darlings are tucked into bed, I’m browsing pinterest and beveragizing a Blue Moon, I see this print and my heart leaps. Doesn’t it just whisk you away in its currents?

The undeniable truth about life is that it is good, good,  so very good, but some days, well, you know. 

When little miss pretty pants has two teeth trying to tear her mouth apart and the boy wonder is captain defiant and it’s been at least three days since I’ve done anything creative, PEOPLE, a storm is a brewing and a hard rain is gonna fall, just like Bob says.  All this makes the stupid little things seem big and bothersome. Holly GoLightly calls it the mean reds.

Nothing sounds better than the idea of finding myself in the middle of a vast field, surrounded by the exuberant creativity of God’s handiwork, being still, feeling small, and knowing that it is well. Watching light stream out of millions of tiny holes in the heavens, a breeze sweeping me up in its dance, remembering that these moments are temporary and fleeting.  I’m craving a little space in the worst way.

A little space to find rest, peace, strength, goodness. To find Him.

And I can always give thanks because an all-powerful God always has all these things—all things—always under control. I breathe deep and He preaches to me, soothing the time-frenzied soul with the grace river in a whisper.

–One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp


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