Sunday, June 12, 2011

the heart willow tree- lamp restyle

Lamp BaseWe have this lamp, it had the ugliest old shade and the whole little switch part stopped working, so it had to be plugged in/unplugged to be used. The outlet was behind the couch, so, yeah, we never used it.  I’ve always love the base, so it’s been sitting on our end table for ages, bothering me. Recently, I tore up the hideous shade, who even knows what that thing was made out of, it was gross and saved the frame.


I cut hearts out of pages from an old book and sewed strands of two hearts together, eight sets in each strand.  Then I simply tied them to the frame. 

close up

top of lamptop spiralLamp 1 

I love how it softly twirls all day long, like it’s listening to la vie en rose on repeat. It reminds me of a willow tree, which reminds me of my first date with the father of my children, who is my husband. All this makes my heart happy.whole view copy

It would also be a fun mobile for a little girl’s room, using embroidery hoops, with multiple layers inside of each other or alternated. I just imagined a giant chandelier. Someone please make that.

Also, inside-out carrot cake cookies from Trader Joe's are a revelation.


  1. I LOVE THIS! AND the new colors on the blog! Well done my love! And I kinda wish I could say santa lived with me. LOL!

  2. this is really really lovely. You're always such as inspiration. I wonder where you get the energy and how you have the time!

  3. @NK: Style-ING w/ Children Thanks so much for you kind comment! It means so much. I am home a lot with just one car in the family, so during the day I don't have places to go. And even though I've been here for a year, my social life is... lacking. Anyways, my kids both take naps at the same time and go to bed early, so that helps. Thanks again! Oh and I don't do the dishes everyday and some times things get messy. But I don't mind.


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