Monday, June 20, 2011

open the door and come on in…

Also known as a shameless little plug for my shop, today I wanted to show you want you might find if you ventured to my little spot in the world of Etsy.  To be honest, I haven’t added many new products, but I do have something new coming soon, well, it’s mostly new, or rather a fun twist on something old.  And while my focus lately have been in sewing, I will forever be a painter.

If you like art, I’m guessing you do, then take a virtual stroll with my into my shop.

(click on any of the images to visit the shop.)

Prints.  I offer prints of my Trees Collection and the Paper Collage Series.  They come in a variety of sizes fro 8x10 to 20x24.  I must say that Silent Song holds a special place in my heart, do you have a favorite?

Fullscreen capture 6202011 22146 PM.bmp

Postcards.  Right now I offer two sets of postcards, they are romantic, sweet, and fun.  Better than Hallmark, because you know you already gave your lover all the good cards.

Fullscreen capture 6202011 22201 PM.bmp

Mixed Media Originals.  I love combining paint and canvas will all sorts of things like buttons, book pages, and embroidery hoops.  I had the best time making these.

Fullscreen capture 6202011 22216 PM.bmp

Original Paintings.  Right now I have just two of these in my shop.  The entire proceeds of the painting on the left, A Hymn of the River will go to A Beautiful Idea, which you can read more about by visiting this link.

Fullscreen capture 6202011 22229 PM.bmp


There is folks, thanks for stopping by.  Just for fun, if you use the code, FREESHIPPING, you can get exactly that, free shipping on everything in the shop.  Oh and I wouldn’t hate it if you wanted to spread the word about my art, wouldn’t hate it at all.


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