Wednesday, June 29, 2011

jackie o. requests one print in two pieces.

Tonight I poured dark chocolate brownie batter over a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, because Pinterest made me do it.  As one can assume, it was the right thing to do.

A few months ago, my dear friend, Jackie O., or Sara, as most call her ordered one of my prints, I asked her how big she wanted it, she said, can you split it in two?  Well, I had never thought of that before, such destruction of my beloved piece, but guess what, it turned out amazingly, and one might even say better than the original. 

And now it’s in the shop.

Yellow Blooms Tree Diptych Wall Art

Yellow Blooms Diptych, find it here.


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  1. Hello. Jackie O speaking. LOL! I love you and I love your art. And I love that I get to be your friend. And I love your post. Thank you dear. Even if I was months overdue in getting those pics to you!


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