Monday, June 13, 2011

familiar and forgotten

the squeak of his straw as he drinks from his cup, laying in his bed at night or first thing in the morning, signaling that he is awake.

the way the door nob squeals and clicks when you close his door at night.

the loose rattling on the bathroom door, always a reminder to grab a screwdriver and tighten it, but never done.

sweet little grunts as she lifts her waking head to see the world around her.

soft coos as she surrenders to the beckoning of sleep.

the husband’s sniffles, announcing he his near.

the jingle of his keys as he opens the door, welcomed by his family in the afternoon.

the grinding of the coffee beans, sending a hum into the air,  along with the aroma of goodness.

the rustling of the leaves outside our window, summer inviting us out to play.

All these things familiar, little sounds that compose my  daily soundtrack.  Most often neglected and forgotten, but present just the same.  There won’t always be noisy straws, cheap door nobs, babies to wake and sleep again. But in this moment, I hear all these notes, humming a pretty little tune that is my life.

What do you hear?


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