Monday, June 6, 2011

The Summer Boy

It’s Celebrate the Summer Boy Week… and a certain child needs some warm weather clothing. Or a certain mama needs to wash the laundry more often.  I pick option A. Obviously.

Once upon a time, I transformed the plain v-neck into something much cooler, but the years had passed and it could be found crumpled and lonely in the dark recesses of my drawer. So, I cut it up and turned into a shirt for H.

Ellery Cowl in Pumpkin

As most would tell you, the best way to figure out how to sew something is to deconstruct it and put the pieces go back together.  That’s exactly what I did.  I like the loose neckline.  I also like that there are no monsters or Disney characters on it.  And it matches his eyes.

Ampersand… a few other matters of business..

  1. New Blog Button on the Right Sidebar! Thanks to that talented Mister, which brings me to..
  2. That handsome mister has a new art blog, which you can find by clicking on Matt the Artist in tabs on the top of my blog. 
  3. Have you seen my newly updated tabs bar?  Anything you want to find.. it’s all there.
  4. Did you see this post? I’m so excited.

That’s all.… have a lovely everything.


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