Monday, April 12, 2010

just because art

Remember last Friday, when I had a napping baby and art supplies inviting me to play?  This happened.



It felt so great to just be creating and painting again. 

I wasn’t trying to come up with my newest print to sell or to create my lifetime masterpiece, I just reconnected with the colors and brushes.  I took images from my head and brought them to life on paper.

for no reason.

for no one else.

just because.

I loved it. 

I needed to feel that way.

It’s so easy to begin to think of my art as if it’s for other people and when that happens, I believe something gets lost in the process and a bit of the magic is gone.  Sometimes, we need to create just to create.

art for the sake of art.

My question for you, have you done anything like that lately?  I’d love to hear about it. 

Keep creating.  Keep playing.  Keep dreaming.  Just because.  Never lose that.



  1. I did do this, and am currently working on something like this, I guess. Yeah, in church the other day (yes in Church) I quickly drew a sketch of a girl I know in a journal, and want to add some crazy water colors to the background. I find that when I don't focus as much, I create something wonderful, something more than what I thought I would have. It never fails to amaze me.

    I like this blog entry, I like it very much. :)

  2. Yes, I have. Long ago and far away.

    Maybe it is time to get back in touch with myself.



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