Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ten for Creativity Day.8

project create copy

Day 8: wardrobe Re-Create

You understand that I needed to make the title rhyme.  It had to be done.  It’s just necessary to rhyme on occasion.  Trust me.

I have something fun planned for today, it may be brand new to some of you, and new might scare you.   Scary can be good.  That’s my motto. (Except when it comes to movies.) 

I want you to look in your closet or dresser.  Find one article of clothing that you’d like to change.  We’re going all Project Runway with this one.  Maybe it’s boring and needs some cool buttons or it could use some embellishments, of  sorts.  Maybe you just want to cut it all up and turn it into, a pillow case…  there  are literally one hundred million things you could do.   You don’t need a sewing machine, mine is broken.  Fabric glue works or just a good old, needle and thread.

You can find all sorts of inspiring redesigns all over the place, here are a few to get you thinking:

-Jessica’s Doily Re-redesign

- All sorts of brilliant ideas here

So, are you ready to step out boldly into the world of fashion?  I dare you to have fun doing this…

I preferred sewing to bossing little children.
Mother Jones


Here is my exercise from Day.7

Ready. Set.  Associate.

1.  Red little wagons

2. Comfort equals campfires

3.  This pattern makes me feel crazy  -animal prints

4.  This pattern makes me feel happy –navy blue and white stripes

5.  I could spend the whole day at the bookstore.

6.  This type of art- jewelry making- intimidates me.

7.  I wish I could have coffee with Becky, Alicia, Sara, Danielle, Erica, and Sarah.

8.  The perfect color combination is mustard yellow/charcoal.

9.  The elements to perfect inspiration are the ocean waves, a hammock, and kites.

10. If I could live in another decade, it would be the 50’s.

11. This musical artist inspires me Regina Spektor.

12.  I want to wear more hats.

13.  I think my curtains are just perfect finds.

14.  The last thing that really caught my eye was a beautiful, rusty, old shed on a farm.

15.  When I visit the museum, I want to watch all the people.

16.  I wish I knew more about letterpress.

17.  The best smell in the world is coffee, rain, freshly baked cookies.


Thanks for playing.  Catch up on all of the exercises here.


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  1. Jus stopped by to say, Regina Spektor, she makes me happy to!


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