Friday, April 23, 2010

ten for creativity day.5 plus week in review

Today is day five of Project: Ten for Creativity, the end of week one. I think it’s off to a brilliant start. 

The thing is, you just need to start somewhere.  Sometimes beginning is the hardest part.  We have to overcome the fear of what people think, the guilt of taking time for ourselves, and the lie that we are not creative. 


If we worry about what people think, we’ll never do anything, because there will always be someone else who is better, smarter, or more talented.  If we don’t ever take time for ourselves, we’ll be too tired to take care of everyone else.  And creativity is not just about fabric, paint, paper, and yarn… creativity is everywhere and anything. 

Here goes day.5…

project create copy

Day.5:  Three little goals  or more

Now that the creativity might be flowing, it’s time to be intentional.  Some people find that it is super important to make lists and goals… I have become one of those people.  Everyday I make a small list of the major things I’d like to accomplish.  Sometimes, I do all of them and some days  C’est la vie.  Drinking coffee is always on that list.

It’s important to include creative time on those lists and make it a priority, otherwise,  it won’t just happen.  Period. I mean, feed your children and pay your bills first, but make be intentional.

Today, let’s make a small list of goals for ourselves (regarding our creative lives). 

Here’s my list:

1.  Get my sewing machine fixed or find a  new one, so I can start sewing again.

2.  Re-focus on the creative side of my art, less on the “making money side.”

3.  Find one quote, poem, or song for inspiration daily.

4. Get my knitting supplies out of storage.

5. Bake something new each week.


You can share your list in a comment or keep it a secret.  Send me the link to your blog if you want.  Let’s encourage each other to actually work on those goals.   Pick one item on your list… go for it.


IN REVIEW: Week one

Here is week one of Project: Ten for Creativity in review:

- Maddie  sent the link to one of her favorite poems, here.

- Jessica  wrote her thoughts on Day.3 and creativity here.

- Sue posted her lovely sketch from Day.2 here.

- Tiffany shared her honest responses about Day.1 here.


If you missed a day, find them all here.  It’s never to late to start.

Have a great weekend and for the love, do something creative.


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  1. 1. wake up and make coffee before 10:30AM.

    2. find at least 1/2 hour to take Chichi outside on the deck as long as the sun is out.

    3. Keep going through papers and away everything I don't need.

    4. Set aside one hour for creating and make sure that I crochet every night.

    5. Read something from the Bible every day.


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