Monday, November 1, 2010

For the little lady

My very first dress for little miss h.  I am in love.   I  had to channel the attention to  detail portion of my creativity because making clothes is nothing like splashing paint across the canvas.
I didn’t follow any particular pattern, but used one of the 3-6 month dresses as a guide.   The back has a one button enclosure, which I saw used on a tutorial online, can’t tell you where.   I used buttons from my vintage collection (that belonged to my husband’s mom and grandmother) and this fabric, with a bit of (white with pink & blue polka dots) fabric I bought at the store, in one of those small pre-cut bits.
It’s far from perfect as far as the sewing goes, but perfect is boring and I’m not entering any contests.  Now that I have successfully finished one, I am confident that I can make more and chances are I’ll keep getting better in time.
And look, she already has a cute little jacket, loafers, and legwarmers for a complete outfit.   Excellent.
Oh what fun we will have, my baby.


  1. I just adore this little dress. It is perfect!! Only you will know of it's imperfections. I promise you, no one else will even realize.
    I never used a pattern when I made dresses for my girls either. It's the creativity of it all that makes it so much fun. Not to mention that it always seamed that I had something in my mind that didn't really exist anywhere.
    Love the jacket too.

  2. Oh Liv, that dress is just adorable! Harper is gonna be the best-dressed baby around. :)

  3. oh so very cute! good work! and sigh...leg warmers! love it.


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