Wednesday, November 3, 2010

life is a beautiful mix of good and bad.

Bad:  this pesky cold that isn’t bad enough to take over my life, but big enough to remind me of its presence at every turn.
Good: hot lemon tea with honey. orange juice with most pulp. lavender bubble baths. House Hunters marathons. chocolate peanut butter bars.  husbands who bring home more coffee and tea.  sunshine and clear blue skies.  short lines at the polling place.  the holiday season.  bon iver pandora station. two year olds who are still small enough to cuddle with mommy.
Bad:  the inevitable stage of pregnancy where sleep is illusive and replaced with tossing, turning, soreness, and discomfort.
Good: the cocoon of fluff that I make when my husband gets up for work, where I take over the whole bed and commandeer all of the pillows.  the fact that my little boy gets his sleeping skills from me, not his daddy and usually doesn’t wake up until nine. afternoon naps. lazy mornings of playing with toys and watching cartoons.  feeling each flip and kick from the baby girl who will be ready to meet us in nearly 11 weeks.
So yeah, I’m sore, really uncomfortable, tired, and my head may explode from the pressure… but I’d say that life is pretty great.
in fact, it’s beautiful.


  1. Awe...glad that there's a little good with the bad. =) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. love this post. hope every single part of your life is beautiful soon, meaning NO COLD and lots of sleep for a good long while.


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