Friday, November 5, 2010

this guy.


He’s my favorite, well both of them are, but right now I’m talking about the older one.  The one who I met on a dusty mountain in California.  The one who quickly stole my heart and made my great life even better.  The one who became my husband in front of a beautiful barn in Tennessee.  The one who is the best father ever to that cute little boy of ours.   The one who works so hard to provide and take care of our family.  The one who I’d rather spend all my time with even if we are just grocery shopping.  The one who I want to grow old with and make plans to tie a million balloons to the top of our house and travel through the air to our dream destination, like on Up. 

And in the words of Grey’s Anatomy, he makes my world stop. 

That’s the one I’m talking about here and today is his birthday. 

Happy Birthday husband.


  1. Awe, he sounds like a great guy! Blessings for his birthday...for being a great hubby and father!

  2. happy birthday and have a great trip!

  3. Oh my! How romantic!



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