Thursday, November 18, 2010

I decided. I ordered. It has arrived.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that shortly after finding out we were having a baby girl, as in that afternoon... I started my search for the perfect fabric for her bedding.  With H, we bought a set that we fell in love with from one of those major chain stores that sells children’s bedding, its initials are PB.  Anyways, no regrets in that decision, but this time around, there just wasn’t a new set that captured my heart in quite the same way and I decided that I would just have to make my own. 
Have I ever done this before? No.  But sometimes, you have to knit your first scarf, paint your first painting, and sew your first crib bedding… you know what I mean?
So, I began the search and a great dilemma lurked over my life.  I couldn’t decide.  I fell in love with too many prints, to the point of frustration.  Then I remembered one of the mottos  I know to be true in my life.  When you see it, you’ll know.   I mean, it worked for my husband, why not fabric? 
I narrowed down my options, which I shared with you here.  I loved all your comments, but truthfully, my heart and mind has already decided before finishing  that post.  I remember using the following words to describe one particular set, “the colors and patterns delight my artistic soul.”    This should have been a major clue, because when something truly delights my soul… it’s a keeper.  Did you guess that?
Well, it’s here.  Le tissu est arrivé. I chose fabrics from the new line Matisse,  by Alexander Henry, but it has arrived and I’m confident that I have made the right decision.IMG_5754
the fabric
(L to R) Still Life in Dove, Amelie in Dove, Anja in Dove, Color Stripes in Dove
This little cutie is always around, for some reason.  We’ve decided to keep him… and we’re collecting H’s.
Back to the fabric, I’m so excited to start. I hope to gather the rest of my supplies soon and I will keep you updated on this super project.  Any tips are welcome.  My goal is to finish in the next nine weeks, because after that I suspect that most of the creative energy will be sucked out of me by that whole newborn-waking-up-all-night-long gig.  Yikes.  Are we really doing that whole bit over again?


  1. Interesting...the large floral looked grey in the first post, but on your table it looks green and I like it better. Anyway...I think it's a fun choice! =) Have fun sewing!

  2. Woohoo! You know I loved it. Still do. Can't wait to see the finished look. Have fun.

  3. so pretty. isn't it the best to finally see it in person? harper will be sleeping beauty.


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