Monday, November 8, 2010

my creative hero.

We had a fun weekend visiting family + friends and celebrating the husband’s birthday. It was definitely a short trip and the drive home felt a few hours too long, but I’m glad we were able to go.
Earlier during our drive to Kansas, I wondered what the whole point of a place like Iowa was. Personally, I find the Midwest and plain states to be a little, umm, lacking in the mountains and ocean department a.k.a. dull, so I don’t get too excited to drive the endless miles of farms and fields. 
But on the drive home, I found one good thing about the flat expanse.  In case you missed it, last night there was the most brilliant of sunsets.  First streaks of pink mixed with the soft blue of the evening sky, then the world became ablaze in oranges, yellows, and pinks.  Just as you thought, wow this is amazing, two seconds later, the colors were even more phenomenal, and this kept happening until the sun retired from our view.
We passed one particular farm that rested on the top of a “rolling hill,” during the most vivid moments of colors.   Around this farm were endless fields followed by more fields, but can you imagine the great shows they must get?  It’s as if their entire world of dusty creams and wheat tones just waits each day for this event when radiant colors take over the sky and surrounds them in  masterpiece, as far as they can see.  It’s like getting lifetime tickets to the best show in the universe… every single night. 
Of course, thanks to daylight savings time, this was at 5pm, but that means soon after came a dark  blanket of  midnight blue sprinkled with endless stars.
In these moments, I realized just how creative God is.  He begins each day with a glorious sunrise full of life, new beginnings, and beauty and completes the process with a marvelous masterpiece of a sunset exuding peace and awe.  Then, just for fun, because I think he’s the over-achieving type of artist,  he paints the dark sky with millions of bits of light and energy.
Three times a day, he turns the sky into a unique work of art.  He revels in creativity and the expression of light and color.   He  uses the world as his canvas  and the beauty He creates speaks a message louder than any words could ever be.
Be still and know that I am God.

He’s pretty much my creative hero.

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  1. Beautiful and heart warming post, Olivia.



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