Friday, May 20, 2011


My birthday was nice.  It was. 
So, let me begin my saying, how awesome my kids are, they are so great, super great, except when you want to eat out; that is a whole different story. At a restaurant, they are shiny, little angelic beings with manners that would impress the queen. Yours are like that too, huh?
In their defense, we take them out to a new place, make them sit in confinement for the duration of ordering, preparing, and consumption (at this point, usually in haste and madness rather then enjoyed).  I don’t know about you, but I only place my child in his chair once the food is cooked and cooled to a temperature ready for him to eat.   But somehow we think, let’s pay lots of money  for food and torture our kids in the process.  How silly of us.
That’s all I’m trying to say. 
In other news, my brie & asparagus wood-fired pizza was delicious, in the car, on the way home as the cries were lulled by the rhythm of the road. Once we put those creatures down for a nap, our chocolate malts were also delicious… just like the silence.
But, my husband picked out the very best card and filled it full of love with every perfect word.  The little boy scribbled all over a card and handed it to me with a kiss. There were tons of calls and messages from friends and family.  And, a shiny new food processor is sitting in my kitchen.
Good day.  Good life.  Hello 27.


  1. Sorry the restaurant thing didn't work out. Makes for a good blog post though. :)
    It was good to be with you today and to hold that sweet baby girl H. SO great. Hope your weekend is lovely and that you get to stretch out the celebrating. XO

  2. happy birthday! just think somedays all your meals will be in silence and you will wish your kids were small and home again....... enjoy 27!


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