Monday, May 2, 2011

sister or superhero?

I’d like to tell you about Saturday when all the things I hate doing the most collided, dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, and a mess of a house, plus a long day of the husband working. I was grumpy and had a bad attitude, and as a result that good-looking man went off to work without any coffee.   I felt terrible.  Anyways, my little sister came over and saved the day.  Like, seriously, she’s practically a super hero.  She entertained the kids in the store, while I knocked out the shopping list and carried in all the groceries, while I fed the one who must eat so often. Oh, did I mention the downpour that was Saturday?  And then, my friends, with our powers combined and the favor of a sleeping baby girl and a self-entertained little boy, we cleaned the devil (winter) out of this place. As in tub-scrubbing, closet sweeping, floor washing, and dusting madness.  Plus, I got to throw a bunch of stuff away, which ALWAYS makes me happy.  Try it sometime.
I made her a delicious homemade dinner, even though I hear dorm food is all the rage, and then… and then… after all that, she offered to watch my little kiddos, while I leave the house with the husband in hand, as in, hand in hand. Hand in hand, you heard me! Like lovers strolling down the lane. This is rare when the usual routine is two kids, one in a car seat, a purse/diaper bag, and a Sippy cup, a few toys for the boy, and at least one coffee. 
Of course, to fulfill our deepest desires, we drove away and ended up at our favorite bookstore to enjoy the luxurious luxury that we used to have so long ago… real, quiet, leisurely perusing through shelves of books, casually picking up a title here and there, and settling into a table with a large coffee.  We didn’t even go near the kids section. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?  It was. 
After that magical time of silence and and conversation that wasn’t interrupted with “ball, car, juice, dog, bird, or baby,”  we came home to one sleeping child and one happy little lovely, who was very sad to see her Auntie go home.
That is the story of how my sister saved the day.  Sisters are the best.


  1. How wonderful of your sister! I wish I had a sister like that, but I got all brothers... haha, oh well, there's magic in that too I suppose. :)

  2. I love that sister of yours! But now I'm crying (tears of both sadness and jealousy) because my sister has moved away! "Boo" to pursuing higher education and her life's dreams. :) Miss you!


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