Tuesday, May 24, 2011

everyday magic no.1

The sky was a pale shade of grey, the light shadows from the trees cast stained the hardwood floors inside.  The grass and trees glowing with the most glorious, full of life hues of green; a most welcome contrast to the view from just last month of dreary brown and dirty snow which had outstayed its welcome.  Raindrops danced a springtime jig on the sidewalk and street, turning  monotone pavement into a mirror reflecting lamp posts and spiny branches. 
Inside, we swayed and twirled to the dreamy tunes of Frank, Ella, and Bing. The baby girl snug safely in my arms, with no other desires in all the world.  Her head tucked into my neck and chest. And in the sweetness of this moment, her breathing calmed and lulled into soft, sleepy inhales and exhales.  The little boy’s feet moved with the smooth rhythm and he sang along, in his own two-year-old way.  He smiled. I smiled.  She breathed sweet, sleepy breaths.
-May 12, 2011

Where did you find your everyday magic?

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  1. I LOVE this post. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Especially the Frank, Ella, and Bing part.


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