Friday, May 27, 2011

everyday magic no. 2

A cool spring breeze. A fleet of sailboats glide across the water, glowing, white sails decorate the vibrant blue waters.  This is not uncommon, as daily sailing clubs cross these waters, but today it feels like a parade in slow-motion.  It reminds me of summer days spent with friends.
He runs along the water’s edge, with the unhindered delight of a child who has watched the rain fall for days and at last the clouds are emptied and suns warms the earth and beckons to us, come out and play.  He collects rocks and tiny sticks that have washed onto the shore and as is the nature of little boys, he throws them one by one, back into the ripples.  With each splash, a bigger smile spreads across his face.  And I utter to God a request for my little family to always live near the sea.  For now, this lake will do.
In my arms, the breeze sweeps up her wild locks, shimmering gold and copper, a secret message revealed only in the sun.
Missing my favorite person, wishing he could watch our babies thriving in this moment given to us by our creator, but overwhelmed with gratitude for the hard work and time he gives for us. Tomorrow, we’ll bring him back.
-May 26, 2011


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